Office Manager

Callie London

Administrative Assistant

Amy Darling

Clinical Staff

Merina Lucas, LPN, Supervisor

Mariela Arita, CNA

Keshia Brannock, RN

Bethany Densham, RN

Jennifer Coggins, CNA

Amanda Critcher, RN

Julie Gilliard, CNA

Lisa Hodges, CNA

Kate Jones, LPN

Melissa Lonas, CNA

Sherri Lowder, LPN

Sarah Townsend, RN

Gloria Wallace, MA

Davina Younce, LPN

Stacy Zimmerman, RN

Kinsey Nance, RN

Robbi Busby, MA

Tiffany Minton, RN, Care Manager


Carla Propst, Manager

Karami Wallace

Reception Staff

Lori Denniston, Ashe Supervisor

Kelli Sherwood, Boone Supervisor

Elizabeth Farmer

Jennifer Swieter

Betty Watson

Bertha Wilson

Abigayle Feather

Brittany Stoots

Andrea Winkler

Insurance & Billing

Julie Hester

Lauren James

Shannon Roten

Medical Records

Donna Runstrom

Maria Ruiz

Accounts Payable

Wendi Vandenberg

Contact Information

Main Line: (828) 262-0100
Fax: (828) 264-7592

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